Suminagashi Stationery Workshop (90min) - Cambridge Store

Saturday, Jan 28, 2023 at 4:00pm
100 Cambridgeside Pl
100 Cambridgeside Pl

Combine the best of both worlds and join us at the distinctive interiors of Short Path Distillery!  This workshop will get you into a zone of zen working with paper, water and ink by using the techniques of Suminagashi, Japanese for “floating ink”.  

Suminagashi is a traditional art form from the 12th century that reveals the mesmerizing, ever-changing nature of water. We will be creating a floating piece of art on the surface of the water and capturing the swirling, ever morphing moments as prints.  Take advantage of locally distilled spirits offered by Short Path Distillery while you work with ink and water to create gorgeously and uniquely marbled prints, cards and envelopes using the Suminagashi technique!

Materials Included: Marbling ink (multiple colors), print paper, cards and envelopes, soft-hair brushes, shallow trays, all the supplies needed

Studio by Garden Street 
100 CambridgeSide Pl, 2nd floor near Old Navy
Cambridge, MA 02141

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