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Candy Cane Christmas Tree Farm

Candy Cane Christmas Tree Farm
4780 Seymour Lake Road

Candy Cane Christmas Tree Farm was started by Frank & Catherine Genovese in 1977 and grew as their children, Nicholas and Michael grew.  Frank, an avid organic gardener, applied many of the same earth-friendly principles to the farm that he used in his garden.  After many trials and field improvements, they have developed the farm into a peaceful sanctuary where they grow many varieties of beautiful evergreens.

In 1998, they transformed the field by being the first choose and cut farm in Michigan to install drip irrigation.  This allows them to grow more varieties with better quality, greater health and needle retention.

Then in 2003, Frank began trials to grow living Christmas trees in pots as a response to those who told him they did not want to cut a tree. He successfully accomplished this and these new "living trees" are now ready for the Christmas season.  They are special because they are grown in a lightweight planting medium that can be easily handled.  A 5 ½ ft. tree weighs approximately 60 pounds.

In 2007, Candy Cane Christmas tree farm was honored to receive FarmBureau's top award for ecological farm management.

One of the greatest pleasures the Genoveses derive from growing Christmas trees is seeing the joy of the families who come out to cut their tree.

Frank personally greets most people who come to the farm, many times with a warm hug. "It is a real honor to have our trees grace the homes of so many wonderful people and help them celebrate the Christmas season."

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