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Merrimack Skatepark

The Merrimack Parks and Recreation Department oversees the operation of the Merrimack Skate Park on O'Gara Drive.  This use-at-your-own-risk facility opens in the spring and remains open through October, as weather permits.  For safety reasons, the Skate Park will be closed if it is raining. 

Merrimack Skate Park Rules:

1. Use of safety equipment such as helmets, knee pads & elbow pads, wrist supports and proper shoes is strongly recommended. All users are responsible for providing their own skateboards and safety equipment, and for ensuring that they are maintained and in good working order. Users must wear shoes at all times. 

2. The park is CLOSED between dusk & dawn and/or at the discretion of the Parks & Recreation Department. Trespassing when park is closed is prohibited. 

3. No makeshift items or modification to existing equipment is allowed. This includes home built and other unauthorized equipment. 

4. Please dispose of all trash that you generate into available trash containers. A clean park is a safe park. Do not litter. 

5. Be considerate of fellow skaters, especially those who are younger or less skilled. No foul or abusive language is allowed. 

6. Do not proceed down ramps until it is clear. Serious injury may result from being hit by a skateboard, falling or colliding. 

7. Keep all food & beverages in the picnic area and away from the skating surfaces. No glass containers allowed inside the skate park.

8. This is a drug, alcohol and tobacco free facility. This rule is for the health & safety of all park visitors. 

9. Skate park is actively monitored by video surveillance and the Merrimack Police Department. 

10. The Merrimack Parks and Recreation Department reserves the right to close the facility for any circumstances deemed necessary and also to restrict entry to the facility for those who do not obey the park rules. 

11. Take turns, be safe & have fun! 


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