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The Museum Of World War II

The Museum Of World War II
8 Mercer Road

The Museum of World War II, Inc., is a 10,000 square foot, fully staffed, private collection containing the most comprehensive display of original World War II artifacts on exhibit anywhere in the world. The Museum is located just west of Boston, at the junction of two major highways.

Formed over a period of more than 40 years, the collection documents and illustrates the period from the Versailles Treaty, ending World War I, to the Nuremberg and Tokyo war crimes trials, ending World War II. All of the more than 6,000 artifacts on display, as well as 83 mannequins with complete uniforms and equipment, are original and from the Second World War.

The presentation of the exhibits is a major reason that the Museum is private and not open to the general public--although visits are scheduled virtually every day for those who will appreciate and understand the era and the collection. Most of the artifacts are not behind glass

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