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Transylvania Heritage Museum

Transylvania Heritage Museum
189 West Main Street

Connecting Community, History & Life.

Our Vision
The Transylvania Heritage Museum is a primary advocate for history in Transylvania County. Its facility has become a master of mixing the old and the new and is a reflection of days gone by in a modern and up-to-date setting. It attracts a steady stream of visitors and local residents alike because of its design and attractiveness, its authenticity and its creative and innovative exhibits. The doors open to displays that are making the most of modern technology, where kids and adults can engage and interact and where you are taken back in time and learning comes alive. It is a place that excites and educates all who come.

As a Board we set appropriate priorities, make use of our talents and abilities and serve where we are needed. Each person - Board member, volunteer, resident and visitor - belongs and each has a strong connection to the Museum and its mission. The Museum is sustained by continued progress and success. The volunteer and membership rolls continue to grow and we all work together to accomplish goals. Each person and each part of Transylvania County makes a difference and impacts the balance and harmony of our community. A new sense of coexistence thrives among diverse peoples and cultures, and because our opportunities and challenges are intertwined with everyone in the community, we work together with respect and mutual support. Ethnic diversity is celebrated and local history is preserved, serving as a foundation upon which to build the future.

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