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Winterpast Farm

12936 Ghoston Road

WINTERPAST FARM is……..a place to be outdoors with family and friends A ten acre family farm near Falls Lake (formerly a tobacco farm, a Christmas tree farm, and a horse farm)

An animal sanctuary where llamas, goats, sheep, emu, two mini donkeys several types of duc klings, peacocks, a goose, pigs and lots of bunnies and chickens all co-exist peacefully.

WINTERPAST FARM is….home. Farmer Mary and her two sons, Ben and Thomas, moved to Winterpast Farm from downtown Raleigh the summer of 2003. Two years later they adopted Elizabeth and Alex from Stavropol Russia.

A place for families, students (pre-schools, public school groups, home schoolers) any anyone else who wants spend time outside enjoying nature and learning about animals and their behaviors

A campground for Scout and church groups which includes bonfires, rocket launching, fresh eggs from the barn for breakfast (and occasional really early wakeup calls by roosters all named Bob)

A unique place for fur children (usually dogs, but we’ve kept chickens and rabbits and birds) s of all sizes to spend the day or spend the night (or spend several weeks!) living in a family environment while their own family is away or busy

A place where kids can stomp in the mud, make noise, pile up rocks, bang sticks on fences, roll down hills in a huge plastic tube, ride a pony, search the barn for chicken eggs or the pasture for enormous emu eggs.

A popular place for birthday parties for cowboys and cowgirls from ages 3-10. Farm birthday parties are great for all ages. Farmer Mary can also bring animals to your home if you prefer to host your party there.

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